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We build your presence on the Internet through Facebook. For personal, hobby and business use.  Your own website on Facebook. We build it for you.

Custom Facebook Fan Pages and Tabs. We build your mini-website on Facebook.

We set you up and have your custom designed facebook page and tabs online in less than 24 hours!!!


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You can get all of these features and service for our low monthly fee:

Home/Welcome ◊ Cover Photos ◊ Video ◊ Like Gate ◊ Contact Form ◊ Map & Location ◊ Fan Coupon ◊ Twitter Feed ◊ Newsletter ◊ Products ◊ Custom HTML ◊ Other Features

Welcome (or Home)

Stop boring your visitors! Engage them from the moment they arrive with a professional welcome tab.

A Welcome Tab is a custom mini-page that lives right on your existing Facebook page and is used to make a great first impression for your business. We create a page with text and photos that give a clear sense of what your business does. We can add video, maps, and even your Twitter feeds.

A welcome tab is also the perfect place to invite visitors to become fans, so we can add a “like” gate and you watch your fan base grow by leaps and bounds!

Cover Photos

Easily create a cover photo that impresses new and existing fans every time they visit your Page

Your cover photo is the first thing people see when they check out your Facebook Page. It’s your public image, like an online billboard. We make it unique and stunning to impress your visitors.

We can quickly design a beautiful cover photo for your page. We upload your images or use our stock photography and then publish. You’ve now got a vibrant cover photo that makes your Page stand out from the rest.

Just remember, you’ve only got one chance at a first impression. We design a cover photo that says something about your Page. This might be a day at the office, a product showcase, a popular menu item, or simply a beautiful photo that says something about your personality. And you don’t have to stop there – we can add text and get your message across.


Promote your business in a fun and effective way with video. When visitors watch your videos they’re also spending time with your brand!

We get your video up fast. Videos are the next best thing to talking to someone in person, so adding a video is a smart way to let your fans feel close to you. Videos are great for explaining your company’s philosophy, providing tips or tutorials, and sharing interviews with satisfied customers.

Visitors eager to see your video will happily pass through a “like” gate (we provide regardless of what monthly subscription plan you choose), so let us add one and watch your Facebook fan base grow. We can include a comments box as well so fans can discuss the video. There’s also room on the video tab for text, photos, a map of your location, and even your Twitter feed!


Like Gate

Hide special content behind a cover to tantalize visitors into becoming fans of your Facebook page.

A “like” gate requires visitors to “like” your Facebook page in order to see the content on a tab. Visitors are more than happy to pass through the gate to see your fan coupon, video, map, or any other valuable content.

We can add a “like” gate to any or all of your custom tabs and watch your fan base to grow dramatically.


Contact Form

Make it easy for fans to reach you with questions and comments. Plus, those who submit a form to you are hot, new leads for your business!

We get your beautiful contact form up fast.  A contact form is a simple and effective way to let your Facebook page visitors pass you a message (along with their contact information). Your visitors will appreciate how convenient it is for them to get in touch with you.

Not only will you impress visitors with your accessibility, but you’ll also collect new leads to follow up with and turn into customers. To grow your Facebook fan base as well as your leads, we can add a “like” gate to your contact form tab. How efficient!


Map & Location

Do you have a physical location? If so, turn online visitors into real-life visitors with a detailed map of your brick-and-mortar location!

We get your friendly map & location tab up fast. This tab prominently displays your address beside a big map pinpointing your location. There’s plenty of room above and beside your map for us to add more content like text and photos. Tell the world that you’re the best local bakery in Baltimore (or whatever you are), provide your business hours, link to your website, and more to inspire fans to visit your storefront.

Visitors eager to see your map will be more than happy to pass through a “like” gate to do so. We can add this powerful social feature and you will watch your fan base grow.

Fan Coupon

Cultivate customer loyalty with Fan-only coupons that are available right on this tab. We give you the simplest way to use coupons on Facebook!

“Save 50% with this exclusive coupon code: SAMPLE_CODE.” We can get this type of deal up fast. A coupon is a powerful social media tool. After all, getting discounts is one of the main reasons why people follow brands on Facebook!

We also have more room on the fan coupon tab for more content. For example, with one coupon tab you could show a photo of a product, offer a coupon for 50% off that product, and pull in your Twitter feed to display the reactions of happy fans. Another coupon tab has room for the coupon, a photo, some text, and a map of your physical location.


Twitter Feed

Afraid your fans are missing out on your tweets? Fear no more: We can bring your Twitter feed to your Facebook page.

We get your beautiful Twitter feed tab up fast. Pulling your Twitter feed onto your Facebook page is a great way to reengage current Twitter followers, gain new Twitter followers, and add fresh content to your Facebook page. With this tab, you’ll achieve your social media goals in no time.

We also have plenty of room on the Twitter feed tab for more content like photos, text, and even a map of your physical location.



Stay in touch with your fans, build brand loyalty, and get new leads!

If you are already using Aweber, MailChimp or Constant Contact to manage your customer lists, then why not collect new signups on Facebook? Use the Newsletter tab to make it easy for your visitors to sign up so they can stay up to date on your latest news, products and events.

Adding a newsletter signup puts you in control of getting new leads for your business. We make an attention grabbing newsletter signup tab and you can transform your fans into leads.



Showcase your products and increase your sales!

We create a Products Tab to not only showcase your best products, but make it easier for your Facebook fans to become loyal customers. We can add links to your online store and you can watch your revenue and customer base grow!

Don’t stop there. We can add a Share button to your tab and watch your brand go viral. When your fans share your fanpage, their friends become your newest leads, so keep them engaged! With the Products tab you can educate your visitors about what products you have to offer plus get your brand message out there, the way you want it.


Custom HTML

Get the ultimate in flexibility!

A custom HTML tab makes it easy to add any type of content to your page: from YouTube videos, to newsletter forms, custom analytics code, actual websites and so much more.


Other Features

Ross Publishing & Design’s Facebook Website Pages monthly subscription plan has many other features and tools to help you manage your Facebook presence.

Google Analytics

Already using Google Analytics to track your traffic? We can paste your code in your page and you’ll be able to track and analyze the traffic going to your Facebook tabs.

Page updates, modification and Support

As part of your monthly subscription plan, we update and modify your page/tab(s) as often as you need. We also provide round the clock support for your pages!


 Getting started is easy with us:

  • 1. Just pick your product (see the facebook website pages subscription plans list below, type the product type and the related amount in the box above the Paypal button).
  • 2. Pay for your order using Paypal.
  • 3. Provide your contact information with your order or submit through our contact form or email: include your name, contact phone number(s) and your email address on the contact form below or to this email address: info@rosswebpublishing.com
  • 4. We contact you and interview you to get the details for your page/tabs/features and learn your preferences.
  • 5. We gather necessary information from you, you send (email) necessary beginning design items like logo, information to include on your pages, images/photos, etc.
  • 6. We design your page/tabs according to your preferences.
  • 7.We alert you whenever your page/tab(s) are ready and live on Facebook.
  • 9. We repeat this process every time you have pages for us to design or update.

To get started:  Complete the order form below and send information. Then choose the “checkout with paypal” button after filling in your product name and amount. Then we will contact you by email and/or by phone to confirm your order, gather necessary information from you and items needed to produce your page/tab(s) (included in the initial interview), and begin the designing and layout of your page/tab(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

It’s simple. We do all the work. You signup for one of our monthly plans paying for your first month’s service (you can choose the option of paying for a year in advance–see question below). By phone and/or by email, we connect with each other to determine your page design requirements and content. We build or upgrade your Facebook Fan/Business Page within hours. We design and place your Facebook Tab or Tabs for your customized pages.

We update the content of your pages/tabs as often as you require, monthly, weekly and even daily! We provide 24/7 support for all of the pages/tabs we create for you. Design, hosting, updating, support are all included for the low monthly fee.

What do I do?

You don’t have to do anything except provide us with your images, photos, your wording preferences for any page and tabs we create for you. You send us any updates (photos, text, etc.) as often as you want your content updated.

Is my data secure?

We host all of your images and text in a highly managed secure environment.

For Standard, Deluxe or Select plans, do I have to sign up for an annual package?

No. We offer a monthly subscription service. We also offer a one year subscription with a 15% discount! It’s up to you.

Can I upgrade to the Deluxe or Select plans?

Yes. At anytime. Just contact us and pay the difference between the monthly plan amounts.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. You will not be charged for another month’s subscription the next time your monthly subscription payment is due.

If you want to cancel your annual subscription, you can do so and receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your subscription period, as long as you request the refund within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Can I create more than one custom page for my Facebook business page?

Yes! Many of our customers use Ross Publishing & Design to design and install multiple pages called “Tabs”, such as a Welcome tab, a Fan Coupon tab, a Contact Form tab, and more. Each eye-catching, interactive page that you add to your Facebook fan page gives your visitors more of a reason to engage and learn about your company.

What’s the difference between “tabs” and “fanpages”?

A “fanpage” is specifically set up for a business to promote itself. It’s the official presence on Facebook for that business. “Tabs” are what Facebook calls the separate pages or apps that we publish inside of your fanpage. For example, you may have a Welcome tab and a Contact tab on one fanpage.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through Paypal. You may pay with credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

What happens if I cancel my account?

If you cancel your subscription, the pages we’ve designed for you will be taken offline. You can reinstate your account and restore your pages and services by contacting us within 90 days after your cancellation and making a monthly payment.

What happens if I fail to make a monthly payment when it is due?

If you fail to pay your monthly subscription, the pages we’ve designed for you will be taken offline. You can reinstate your account and restore your pages and services by contacting us and making the monthly payment.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please feel free to send us an email at info@rosswebpublishing.com. We will be happy to hear from you!



Complete the form below. Enter your contact name, your email address and your contact phone number. Check the Facebook Website Pages product box and enter in the message box any information, comment or specific features preferred. Then click the “send” button below to submit your information. After you receive the message that your info has been sent, click on the Paypal button to make your payment (1st month’s payment or annual payment).

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Please note: If you have photos or other items to send, please send them to this email address: info@rosswebpublishing.com


  • Standard Plan 1 Page & 1 Tab                  FBWP001     $75.00       $30.00 per month
  • Deluxe Plan    1 Page & up to 4 Tabs       FBWP002     $125.00      $45.00 per month
  • Select Plan     1 Page & Unlimited Tabs   FBWP003     $250.00      $60.00 per month
  • ANNUAL Standard Plan                            FBWP004     $360.00      $306.00  
  • ANNUAL Deluxe Plan                               FBWP005     $540.00      $459.00
  • ANNUAL Select Plan                                FBWP006     $720.00      $612.00

Choose the “checkout with paypal” button (below) after filling in your product name and amount. If you don’t have a paypal account, just enter the amount on the left, click update, and then complete some brief information on the right as a guest (name, address, phone, and email; click “continue” and you will be taken to the payment page: then enter your payment method/source, e.g., your credit/debit card–whatever your preferred method of payment). If you signup for a Paypal account, then you will only have to do this one time. Paypal safely and securely stores your information so you never have to re-enter information again anytime you place an order with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Then we will contact you by email and/or by phone to confirm your order, gather necessary information from you and items needed to produce your page/tab(s) (included in the initial interview), and begin the designing and layout of your page/tab(s).


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