Top Ways to Earn Easy Money with the Reseller Hosting Business


Reseller hosting services are gaining impetus in recent times. Reseller hosting allows the individuals or companies out there to make
substantial profits with the help of setting up a proper reseller hosting
business. With the help of reseller hosting services, the individuals out there
are able to purchase a particular web
hosting package, rebrand the same, and then resell the hosting package for a
higher price.

Basically, reseller
web hosting can be regarded as renting an
apartment and then, letting the apartments to businesses or clients for earning
more profits. The overall concept of reseller hosting allows you to buy hard
drive space along with bandwidth from some hosting service provider and rent
out the same to the customers.

Is it Possible to Earn
Profits from Reseller Hosting?

It is definitely possible to
earn profits from reseller hosting. It is important to note that reseller
hosting is quite distinct from the concept of Affiliate marketing. With the
concept of reseller hosting, you can make use of the brand name and resell the
same to your clients. You can go forward with either selling the respective
hosting packages at the given price that was charged by the hosting provider or
set specific hosting pricing plans of your own. The more you are able to sell, the more profits you can earn
out of the same.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that you must select the best and the most reliable reseller hosting packages for your ultimate profits. The reseller hosting packages might vary from one service provider to the other. However, some of the general services that are offered by most service providers out there include:

  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Hard disk space & unlimited
  • cPanel or WHM Control Panels
  • white label branding
  • customized account features
  • website management solutions
    for the clients
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Additional hosting services
    like security, mail, and other tools

How to Market?

If you wish to achieve immense success in your hosting business, you
must understand how to network the same. Reseller hosting has become a
successful way of earning money online. For marketing your hosting business,
you must keep searching web portals, forums, or groups that do not have
multiple players competing in the same space. Most of the business owners also
prefer advertising with the help of blogs and buying link advertisements. If
this does not work for you, think about reaching out to respective newsletters
that can help you reach out to the professional companies out there.

Another way of capturing more leads for your reseller hosting
services is to incorporate a proper subscription form or sign-up form on your website. By doing this, you will be
just a single step away from reaching out to the potential customers. When you
would combine the same with effective email marketing strategies, it could do
wonders for you.

Make the most of reseller hosting services!

January 3, 2019

Domains – The Rules And Regulations


When it comes to domains and domain names, there are rules and regulations, just like with a lot of other things. There are certain things which you need to adhere to and make sure that you follow with regards to your domain name, and we’re going to be looking at a few of them here.

The Rules Surrounding Domain Names

There are certain rules which your domain names for them to be legitimate domains. They can only be comprised of a combination of numbers, letters and hyphens. Any other characters are not allowed. Furthermore, your domain name can not begin with or end with a hyphen. They’re allowed in between words and numbers, but they aren’t allowed to start or finish the domain name.

Regarding length, you’re not allowed to have an ae domain registration which is any more than 63 characters. This will include the numbers and hyphens in the domain, so make sure you keep within limits. This is because the maximum length for a completed domain name is 255 characters, including any and all additional elements of the name.

A lot of companies will decline offensive and inappropriate domain names, and the majority of domain names need to have at least one working server system to be active on the internet. This helps to ensure that any domain names which are authorised and approved will be up as soon as possible, and also to ensure that names are not claimed and then left inactive.

While this is less of a rule than it is friendly advice, you should always try and get the ‘.com.’ variants of your domain name before any other version. This is because human beings are conditioned to go to ‘com’, more so than any other type of web address. When you think about it, all of the major websites have ‘.com’, whether it is Facebook, Google or even Amazon. They all have ‘com’ in their titles, which means that we are inclined to use those kinds of domain names first.

Another rule which isn’t a legal matter is to get any misspelt versions of the domain name that you can think of. This means that even if you have a domain name which is hard to spell, you’ll be ensuring that people will reach your site regardless of what kind of spelling they put into the search bar.

Overall, these are just a few of the rules, and some unofficial ones, which you’ll find when dealing with registering a domain name. These rules are often quite common for people who are trying to register a domain name, and they will find that a large number of companies will enforce the basic rules regardless of the kind of domain name they try and register. As long as your domain name matches up with all of the rules and regulations which are laid down by a lot of companies, you’ll find that registering a domain name isn’t a difficult task at all.

November 29, 2017